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Nov 10, 2011 · Mobile Safari – iOS5 and after has strong support for fixed positioning. iOS4 and below simply treats elements as static and scrolls them along with the rest of the page. Android. Android 2.1 and below no fixed positioning. Android 2.2 awkwardly snaps fixed elements back into position once scrolling is complete.

I'm experiencing this problem with Chrome latest on a Pixel 3. Sites will reload instead of scroll up randomly. I can't find a pattern but I can't think of a reason why scroll up action should reload unless I'm already at the top of the page. It probably didn't look laggy because you're not the person controlling the scroll wheel. If you were, you might have a better chance noticing something is off. That said, it looked like normal scrolling to me as well, but I have experienced the laggy scrolling many times on pages with a large number of images.

The problem lies with the fact that you need to select text holding one fingertip down on trackpad, and the other two fingers to scroll That is identical with three finger swipe to show space changer in multiple desktops So instead of scrolling down, the whole desktop is revealed instead.

Mar 21, 2016 · Hello, I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 mobile and the OS hasn't been working as good and smooth as 8.1 did. Now, the first problem that I have noticed is jumpy scrolling... While browsing,

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May 08, 2019 · In current builds of Edge and Chromium, if you have a lot of activity happening on your main UI thread, the scrolling experience could be buggy. For example, when the website is loading comments...
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